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Just how cute is the Kisslock Frame Bag collection that’s part of the Coach 1941 range? They’re small, come in the most adorable designs, and is made entirely out of Coach’s signature glovetanned leather. And while it might be based on a shape from the archives known as the Cashin Carryfrom 1969 (the kiss lock closure bit in particular), it has been given a fresh new update by Stuart Vevers and team over at Coach and is one that will surely charm your heart.

Available in 3 sizes, it starts with the ultra-mini Kisslock Frame Bag 23 that reminds us of granny’s vintage little purse, but with a twist. Added on are the long handles and a detachable chain strap, which turns what was essentially a clutch into a sling bag. Measuring just 15 cm by 11 cm, it won’t hold much, but that’s precisely where its charm lies. Being able to fit only the most absolute of essentials within two compartments, it is all dressed up with the prettiest of exteriors, one with a NASA logo, another with metal link detailing and a third that comes decorated with an ice cream sundae.

The next size up is slightly roomier at 22.5 cm by 15 cm that fits a bit more (Kisslock Frame Bag), and like the 23, comes in a myriad of designs. Moving on to the largest size, which comes in at 26 cm by 18.5 cm, this Kisslock Frame Bag 26 is slightly different from her smaller sisters. For starters, it has an extra front flap with a turn-lock closure that opens to a compartment underneath it, in addition to two more compartments beneath the kiss lock closure for more storage.

Priced from SGD750 for the smallest 23 all the way to SGD1250 for the largest 26, the Kisslock Frame Bag collection is now available at Coach boutiques islandwide, if you’re looking for an affordable and fun little number, this could be the one for you.

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Balenciaga Frame Leather Clutch: Frame-Changer

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Balenciaga Frame Leather Clutch

Leave it to Alexander Wang to rethink and revamp the way a frame bag should look. I love the level of ingenuity and original design at play. The silver bar looks crazy-modern, while Balenciaga’s bicycle-inspired theme continues, with a polished roller chain serving as the top-handle strap.

But if this is meant to be a bag in my real life, I have to say there is ultimately a little something lacking. Comprised of three slim compartments, the double layer of leather is folded over and stays open, but closing with snaps, it looks unfinished and precarious. This is one of those great concept bags. I love the way the frame only partially adorns the bag, leaving an intriguing amount of negative space. I just want to see the leather folds be tighter, neater, and more structured altogether. Finally, the color is not to be ignored. This pale pink is to die for; it’s the perfect spring shade. Balenciaga Frame

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