First, Hermes introduced the Octogone Bag and we did fall in love with its beauty. Just when you thought you couldn’t fall in love the second time, the French brand has released a clutch version of our favorite Octogone Bag.

The Octogone Bag has swept us from our feet when it first came to fashion store and was even branded as the next Birkin. True to that, everyone just seems to adore its hardbody and geometric sexy silhouette which is both feminine and boyish at the same time. Talk about an androgynous bag.

Now this time around, the Hermes Octogone Clutch Bag has hit the stores. It comes in Epsom calfskin and in silver and palladium plated hardware. What we love about this is the fact that it has a hand strap, which comes in handy! It comes in three different colors that you can choose from: red, indigo blue, and black (even more at the boutiques).

The Hermes Octogone 23 Clutch Bag measures 9” x 7.9” x 2.5” inches and is priced $4525 USD via Hermes boutiques.



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Azap Wallet again?

Yes, it’s not in the TGM size, which means extra large. Do you love extra large wallets?

If you are carrying a medium size bag or larger, I’d say; why not carry a bigger wallet? You can get things more organized and you have the right bag to slip it in.

The Hermes Azap TGM Wallet is everything you need – minimalistic design, crafted from Epsom Calfskin and refined in palladium plated zipper closure.

The interior is made with 10 credit card slots, 4 additional pockets, billfold pocket and change purse with zipper. And it’s available in many colors, so pick your favorite one (or ones!).

Just a hint: Christmas is coming up or you can choose for an early Christmas gift, because you deserve it.

Measuring 9.1’ x 6.3’ inches, priced at $3975 USD via Hermes boutiques.


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$298,000 Hermès Birkin Shatters World Record for Most Expensive Handbag Sale


It was just last June that we reported to you about a new high in handbag resale prices: Christie’s Hong Kong had just sold a pink crocodile Hermès Birkin for a record high of $221,000. That record didn’t even make its first anniversary; earlier this week, Privé Porter announced it had broken that record with a $298,000 Birkin of its own, and it’s one that will look familiar to PurseBlog readers.

Privé Porter is a resale business that focuses on unused (but previously owned) Birkins and operates primarily via Instagram, where it’s able to reach a worldwide audience of shoppers looking to add rare handbags to their collections. In November, Privé Porter hosted a pop-up Birkin yacht at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, and Megs and Vlad were among the attendees who got to peruse the collectible Birkins. The new record-breaker was among the bags in the selection, and it appears in our photos of the event, including the one above.

The bag is a 35cm Birkin in Braise shiny Porosus crocodile, finished with 18-karat white gold encrusted with pavé diamonds, at a total weight of more than ten carats. It was manufactured in 2008 and sold to a US buyer via the brand’s New York City flagship on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Privé Porter acquired the unused bag from the original owner in 2015, and it was purchased from the company by a Los Angeles-based buyer who chose to remain anonymous. The Christie’s bag can still technically claim the title of the most expensive handbag sold at auction; this Birkin sold at a named price with no bidding.

We spoke to Privé Porter co-found and Managing Director Jeffrey Berk, who had this to say of the bag and its sourcing process: “Even with the sheer volume of Birkins we’re offered daily, we are very careful about the bags we actually buy. Is the color special? When was it produced? How rare is it? But we knew that when we had the opportunity to acquire this Braise Croc, we’d stumbled upon one of the special Birkins, the way a horse trainer may see a newborn and know that’s a Triple Crown winner someday. We hoped to sell it to someone who appreciated the bag as much as we do, and from what we understand, the buyer is a very sophisticated collector who genuinely understands how special and rare this bag is. Which is reflected in their willingness to pay the record price.”

Hermès reds and pinks are particularly sought-after shades for collectors; a Rouge H (which is a bit deeper than braise) Birkin set a sales record of over $203,000 back in 2011 via Dallas-based Heritage Auctions, and the most recent record holder from Christie’s in Hong Kong was bright pink. Recently, handbag resellers have been trying to convince the buying public that Birkins are a better investment than stocks or gold bars, and if you’ve got a red or pink croc Birkin at the ready, that just might be true.

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Want to see a new bag made by Hermes? It’s about time right? Well, it’s not really new but its something you haven’t spotted yet.

First of all, the original Hermes Garden Party Bag doesn’t need any introduction because it has been around for sometime. And we know the Hermes Garden Party is ideal for almost any occasion – for work, the weekends or shopping. It’s feminine and has large spacious to carry so much more than your basic essentials.

But anyways, allow us to introduce something different; Meet Hermes Garden Party Pockets Bag. The one we are sharing is made from calf leather in combination with cotton. It’s refined with palladium hardware and the interior features a zip-closure. The shoulder strap can be adjusted anytime you want – it can be carried on your hand or even on your shoulder.

Sow what’s new about this bag? Well, the name already revealed the secrets – it got extra pockets on the front and it has a squared shape (if you compare it to the original Hermes Garden Party Bag).

But other elements like the button on the front, the handles and most of the design are basically the same.

Now for the details;

Hermes Garden Party 36 Pockets Bag
Measurement: 36 x 26 x 17 (L x H x W) in cm
Reference code: H070507CKAA
Price: €2470 euro

What do you think?







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Blue Paradise


You may have noticed a decrease in my posting lately…I’ve been trying to do 1-2 posts a week since the baby, but it’s quite difficult! Sometimes I’m too groggy to think of topics, so if you have any requests please do let me know, I’m in dire need of some inspiration.

Today I thought I’d share a fun bag that I recently added to my closet…in a new color for me, vibrant blue! This was a sweet present from Mr. Feather  for my birthday this month, which he picked out earlier this summer, brought back home in a big wrapped box, and summarily banned me from touching. Can you imagine the torture I went through of knowing there was a something tantalizing nearby which I couldn’t open? I nearly lunged for it several times during particularly grouchy times in the last month of my pregnancy, but I’m glad I waited.

Here is the bag – a 32cm Kelly Ghillies bag in Bleu Paradis! Blue Paradise…what a perfect name for the color, right?

32 Ghillies Kelly

This color blue is really fun though quite difficult to photograph – I’d describe the color in real life as a bit darker and more vibrant than the classic Hermes “Blue Jean” color. Some regular readers can probably tell that I’m generally not a “brights” person when it comes to my accessories – the most adventurous I usually get is a nice burgundy. But when I saw this blue, I loved it! I think it’ll go well with all the other boring colors in my wardrobe, like blacks and grays and whites.

And of course, the color also reminds me of our new baby boy!

Ghillies Detail Bleu Paradis

I’ve always loved the “Ghillies” style that Hermes does, and have had it on my wish list for a while. It’s one of the best twists they’ve done on their classic bag styles, in my opinion. The detailing is really nice and interesting, without being too “out there”. A great example of why I love Hermes bags even though sometimes getting exactly what you want involves quite a lot of patience (and luck).

Owl Family Closeup

My apologies for the overly cutesy photo, but I had to share a little group shot – we love owls, and I had purchased Mr. Feather this little owl tie, also in baby blue, a few months ago. Then, while we were shopping the other day (at Gumps for local Bay Area residents), we saw this little stuffed owl and had to get it for our baby Feather. I’ve been in a very precious mood lately (my friends are beginning to be disgusted by my excessive cooing at everything), probably because I spend all my time with our newborn, so I put the items all together in a little blue/owl theme.

When I’m out and about more, I hope to get to use this baby blue guy more – looking forward to hopefully sharing some more wardrobe/outfit pictures once my life is back to some kind of regular schedule!

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Hermès: Leather Forever Singapore 2015



Nothing is sexier than a roomful of leather, and coupled with the fact that all the bags in said room are from Hermès means it will be a guaranteed out-of-this-world experience. What am I talking about? Well, Hermès will be kicking off its Singapore leg of their much-lauded #HermesLeatherForever exhibition this Sunday (25 October 2015) at the ArtScience Museum and from what we’ve read about it online, you’ll be seeing just about everything leather-related that has made this French luxury house famous for decades.


Running till 13 December 2015, admission is free with exhibits including an amazing display of Birkin and Kelly bags past and present, along with the inner workings of what goes on behind the scenes at the leather atelier.

But before you head to the ArtScience Museum, Hermès advises that you start your journey at the Little Room Of Wanders, an additional space set up at the Asian Civilisations Museum that will feature objects from the Emile Hermès museum in Paris’ Faubourg Saint-Honoré, an ode to the great-grandfather of current Artistic Director Pierre-Alexis Dumas. You’ll also get to see 5 specially-created Kelly Dollbags (one for each decade of Singapore’s independence) which I have a video preview of over on Facebook. For more information, including a map, please check out this link which will bring you to their official microsite set up just for this very special exhibition.

I have also have more updates before the exhibition opens to the public on Sunday, so stay tuned over on my Instagram account come Friday. So who’s ready to be immersed in experience that will tease all 4 senses? 5 if you attempt to lick the leather, that is.

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