The 13 Current and Classic Louis Vuitton Handbags That Every Bag Lover Should Know Right Now

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As if Louis Vuitton exactly knows what we want in a backpack suddenly comes an unexpected surprise from this French fashion powerhouse. Trendy, sophisticated, and street-smart, here is the Louis Vuitton Sorbone Backpack which might definitely change your usual backpack edits.

Embodying an urban with a touch of feminine design, this Louis Vuitton Sorbone Backpack is everything you could ask for in a backpack. With its Monogram Empreinte leather paired with golden color metallic pieces, this bag looks flawlessly and fashionably immaculate. Take a closer look, it sports the Monogram Empreinte leather all over its body except the front pocket, which is made in smooth leather with the house’s logo embossed. Aside from its trendy and elegant design, it also features 2 adjustable straps for shoulder carrying and 1 short handle for easy hand carrying. The Sorbone Backpack matches perfect to Louis Vuiton’s tradition of ‘travelling with style’ due to its urban yet feminine appeal.

There’s much more beauties to this Sorbone backpack than meets the eyes. If you look inside, you’ll be pleasantly surprised that it offers several compartments for your convenience. It actually features 1 interior zipped pocket and 1 interior double smartphone pocket and 1 exterior zipped pocket to keep your things organized.

Measuring 9.8” x 10.7” x 5.5” inches and is priced $2530 USD, $3050 CAD, $18000 HKD, ¥297000 JPY, $3150 AUD, ¥18900 CNY via Louis Vuitton boutiques.



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If you feel like there is a magnet pulling you toward the picture above, it’s not your fault. Blame it on Nicolas Ghesquiere for releasing this marvelous bag.

Meet the Louis Vuitton One Handle Bag. Well, the name already revealed the secret right? It has one handle, but it does come with a leather strap that can be removed or adjusted. So either carry it by hand or sling it cross body or on your shoulder. Given its size, both ways are practical.

The One Handle Bag is designed with a modern and lady-like look, refined with a sophisticated twist. It’s mixed with Smooth and Grained Epi Leather in a new folded shape. To be exact, the top flap is made in smooth leather while the bottom part is crafted in epi leather, which creates a beautiful and interesting appeal.

Many detailing are inspired by the historic trunkmaker like the signature D Tuck Lock Closure, Eyelets Brackets on the front-bottom, Name Tag D, so it’s a combination of modern and classic look.

Especially the D Tuck Lock Closure in golden hardware is impressive and mesmerizing. It’s the centerpiece that finalizes the bag. Measuring 8.3’ x 5.5’ x 3.1’ (L x H x W) inches, priced at $2400 USD, €1780 euro, £1660 GBP, $19100 HKD, $3150 AUD, ¥284040 JPY, via Louis Vuitton boutiques.


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The 13 Current and Classic Louis Vuitton Handbags That Every Bag Lover Should Know Right Now

Louis Vuitton

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We are telling you know that there is a new Louis Vuitton bag in town. And we kid you not when we say it’s one of the few bags out there that we are looking forward to call our own. Introducing the Bagatelle Bag from Louis Vuitton.

Elegant, sensual, and appealing in all the right angles, this supple leather creation is the true-to-life epitome of casual chic coming to life thanks to its intricate braided handle and hobo bag shape.

Featuring an embossed calf leather exterior and trim with striped textile lining and shiny golden color metallic pieces, this beauty is sure to steal your hearts. With versatility and multi-functionality in mind, you can easily transition this bag from being a handbag to a shoulder bag and mind you, you can even carry it on the elbow.

Aside from its undeniable charming looks, we are also in love with the fact that this bag is all about storage and organization for the neat addict in you. It has a wide opening for easy access, an internal zipped pocket, double smartphone pocket, and two exterior flat pockets on each side. For as far as we know now, there are three colors available: Noir, Dune, and Cherry.

Measuring 14.2’ x 13.8’ x 5.5’ inches and is priced $3050 USD, €2250 euro, £1990 GBP, $25100 HKD, $3900 AUD, $3900 CAD via Louis Vuitton e-store.



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These are the 7 fragrances from Louis Vuitton that go on sale next month

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louis vuitton fragrances

For a long time, Louis Vuitton didn’t have any fragrances on the market, and now they’ve gone all out and launched a series of seven fragrances all at once! The collection is entirely floral and draws from some classic blooms like patchouli and jasmine as well as more exotic flowers like the Florentine Iris and narcissus. The collection is a long awaited endeavor from Louis Vuitton so we’re eagerly waiting for September when this seven piece olfactory journey will finally be available for purchase.

The fragrances have French names (but of course!) like Mille Feux, Dans La Peau, Turbulences, Rose Des Vents, Matière Noire, Apogée and Contre Moi. They have been created by Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, a third-generation Grasse-born perfumer who has previously worked with Dir, Stella McCartney and Issey Miyake among others.

“We decided right away, and very quickly, that it would be a collection,” he told Allure, “We also made a decision that these fragrances would be feminine—it’s not written on the bottle that they’re for women, but they’re feminine. And the third choice I made was that [this collection] would be a story about flowers, because flowers to me are so delicate, so intense, so powerful, so beautiful—just like a woman—and it’s always been my longtime obsession to try to put the beauty of fresh flowers in a bottle.”

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True to his vision, Rose des Vents is comprised entirely of roses including centifolia, Bulgarian, and Turkish roses. Turbulences draws on the scent of tuberose and jasmine at dusk, a concept that Cavallier Belletrud was inspired by after taking a walk through his garden with his father. Mille Feux features Chinese osmanthus and leather, while Contre Moi is all about vanilla. The perfumes are extra special since they use a process called CO2 extraction to extract the scent from the flowers of Grasse. CO2 extraction may not be new, but this is the first time it’s being used on flowers from Grasse.

The fragrances are bottled in simple flacons that have no embellishment besides their own name and the Louis Vuitton brand name. Sealed with black stoppers, these bottles are refillable to ensure sustainability. Look out for the fragrance line from September 1 onwards at Louis Vuitton boutiques. 

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